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for the future? >> i'd like to focus on the importance of what he told us. he affirmed critical elements of our strategy. he said spin-outs were the way we ought to deal with the force and spin-outs for those, we're taking capabilities and giving them into formations before they go into combats. they train and deploy those capabilities. he said the network was important he wanted us to accelerate this new way to communicate and expand the number of brigades it will go do, get it done faster. the other thing he told us was to take a careful look at mrap. to make sure we had a plan to put it into the force. although we're using extensively in iraq we didn't show we institutionalized it. he told u as you referred to, go ahead and relook our concept for the next kind of combat vehicle was going to be. so we're in the business of doing all of that right now. essentially updating our plan, what we reflect is the reality we're an army at war. you recollect when we started the concept, we were at peace and anticipated that for the next 10 or so years we would be at peace so we had a visionary concept t
simms joins us with the latest. >> that question is something police are still concerned about. they are trying to find an answer. they did have access somehow and a telling us this investigation has grown. the police probe into what happened inside of this house in the middle river and a hotel room has grown into a federal investigation. >> one of these incidents, we know, happened in georgia. we are working with the fbi on this case now. >> baltimore county police arrested 34-year-old j anjohn nicklas and his 26-year-old girlfriend shannon honea. they engaged in and found the child sexual abuse. police are trying to identify the children. >> we want to first find them and get them what they need and then bring justice to the whole incident. >> both are emergency medical technicians. they work for an ambulance company that transports patients to hospitals and nursing homes. a spokesman says these are very serious allegations. we will cooperate fully with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. the company fired both on monday for not showing up to work for two days last week
ago, candidate obama traveled to europe and said that he was not appearing as a candidate for u.s. president but as a fellow citizen of the world. mr. obama sees the world under his leadership as an active and interactive player as part of the international community. apparently the international community believes that we are and obama sees himself on center stage of that grade world amphitheater. the effect of this transformation is that america's popularity is now soaring. the percent of germans who viewed the u.s. favorably today is 64%, up 31% from 2008 poll. to the pugh, global the u.k., 69%, up from g last year. the french three-quarters, 75% of frenchmen now see america favorably versus 42% in 2008. so what is the big lever that has moved the seesaw of america's popularity so radically upward? acknowledgement of world citizenship? yes. but was it also this public apologetic admission by president obama? >> in america, there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common
. >>> that does it for us this morning. stay tuned for fox news sunday and join us back here tonight at 6:00 for the latest news and weather. >> i'm chris wallace and this is >> i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." captioning made possible by fox news >> amid outcries over death panels, new information about what critics call the death book. is the department of veterans affairs already counseling former soldiers on when to pull the plug? we'll talk with jim towey, who blocked the plan during the bush years but said it started again under president obama. and v.a. assistant secretary tammy duckworth, a veteran of the war in iraq. then health care reform in trouble. will democrats drop the public option? will they stop dealing with the gop and try to go it alone? we'll ask pennsylvania democrat senator arlen specter and paul ryan, the top republican on the house budget committee. also, former bush homeland security chief tom ridge says he was pressured by other top officials to play politics at the terror threat level. we'll ask our sunday panel on weigh in. our power player of
of foreign affairs is using right now in end-of-life counseling for the nation's 24 million veterans. we'll talk with jim towey, who broke the story. and then we'll turn to tammy duckworth, assistant secretary of veterans affairs. miss duckworth insisted on being interviewed separately. mr. towey, welcome to "fox news sunday." what's your difficulty with the end-of-life counseling? in your article, you say the message is clear. hurry up and die. >> well, the message that they want to communicate i think is if you have a stroke or if you have a situation that somehow your life has lost a little value and it may not be worth living anymore. my problem with the document, chris, is that the author is a proponent of assisted suicide. he's way out there on that issue, and the v.a. has been using this, a new directive came out in july urging providers to refer patients to it. so in my view, there should be a balanced treatment. this is a slippery slope that makes people, when you look at the document, it makes people feel like they're a burden and they should do the decent thing and die. >> we'
in the verizon small business toolbox. >>> -- well to that point, how do you safe guard the u.s. systems and hold at risk those with potential enemies? >> i would say -- >> knowing that's a sensitive thing to be honest. >> i will dance around that need too. there's two ways to do it, if you go blind and deaf on the enemy first and then building in thetic electron -- in the electronic capabilities. frankly, the u.s. army has been eitherring sort of a speck -- has been entering a spectro ordinance that doesn't take the threat into view as much as we should have. that will be a key component of the systems with we build and the network architectures we have to make. >> especially against the future foes is? -- foes? >> absolutely. of course the unprocured ones can get the commercial off the shelf capabilities to the be directed against us on the ground. >> it almost deminds me during the cold war, there was no communications, operations, and exercises. that would be interesting to conduct today when everyone is so dependent on all the energy on the spectrum. >> that's such a great point. the vice ch
>>> this is a great show here today. thank you for joining us. i'm jamie costello along with susan. >>> blaine and her mom claire have the sale to end all sales, started a consignment business. two years ago. right? it's called the we cycle market. tell me how much. now look away. i'll show the audience here. see the price tag on that? go ahead, nina, how much do you think this is selling for? >> i'm going to go with -- probably $40. >> no! >> no? if i find it in a regular store. >> yes. this is $10. >> wow. this one quick without looking? see it? now, take a look. audience. how much do you think this will go for? jumper for a little boy. >> probably $20 when you figure in you have a little undershirt. >> $3. >> 3? >> there you go. >> i'm shopping at the wrong places. >> they have 15,000 items they will sell and bob barker will be with them, too. >>> christine epps is here, she's going to tell us how local stores can beat the big giants. >>> dr. brian bonner is here from gbmc. our sleep expert. are we getting enough sleep or not? >> not enough. >> not enough sleep. don't go to s
. >> it is good for the economy, good for our quality of life, good for the more sustainable future that all of us want to be able to create for the next generation. >> the governor is seeking federal approval and funding to build two new light rail projects. the 16-mile purple line would connect new carrollton to bethesda. the red line runs 14.5 miles. daily ridership is projected at 54,000. the governors' endorsement of the red line drew mixed reaction from a crowd he addressed at the rail station in west baltimore. [applause and boo's] >> the red line, also known as alternative for see, is opposed by several. >> we know that everybody is not going to like the plan. >> they are concerned the red line will divide it the corridor, opposing the single track tunnel, citing delays and possibly collisions. >> this is not a sound move by our governor. he has just put a lot of lives in danger. >> many oppose putting a port where the tracks, the ground. they say are not opposed to the mass transit the they want the red line built underground. >> the city spent millions of dollars beautifying boston backs
another video of george sodini. this time, at a controversial dating seminar. what does it tell us about the killer? >>> the new swine flu rules. the government releases new guidelines, suggesting three shots this year. but is it safe? >>> a sister's celebration. lisa ling tells us how her sister is coping after months in captivity. and what really happened in north korea. >>> and a triple-play in the park. three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in our summer concert series. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, everyone. alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts. diane is off, on this friday, august 7th. and we continue to learn more about the man who opened fire on an aerobics class earlier this week. >> we have a team of reporters looking into this. insight into him will help going forward. and this is a relationship class. a tough-love tutorial, with him participating. >> this, as the victims' families prepare to say good-bye. the funerals tomorrow for three women killed. >> john berma
're housekeepers. you've got plumbers, carpenters, we don't make a lot of money, but for us to take the hit for the state, basically, i think that's wrong. >> reporter: across town, employees at maryland's court system and the employees who work for the state legislature, including legislators themselves are exempt from all the budget slashing. not going over well with people like darrell brown who helps print refund checks at the treasuries. >> they make way more money than we do, and we do the work in the treasury. we keep the state rollin'. you know, we always have to take the hit. i don't really think it's fair. >> reporter: it may not be fair, but it's the law. >> all in favor signal by saying i. >> reporter: the gch has no control -- governor has no control over or legislative budgets, but legislators do. speaker of the house mike bush says he'll voluntarily take a 10-day pay cut and expects other legislators to do the same. a spokesperson for the court system says administrators there are studying the situation. the cuts made today include $211 million to counties which use the money
. >> you have taught us what truly counts is the courageous spirit and the generous heart. >> reporter: a courageous spirit and generous heart is how she is being remembered. her work is now her legacy. the 88-year-old suffered a series of strokes in recent years and died at cape cod hospital early tuesday morning. >> my mother has been, you know, a key leader in the field of mental retardation, special needs, intellectual disabilities. >> reporter: her sole surviving brother edward kennedy is battling brain cancer. in a statement released, shriver is described as amazing, a living prayer, and a center of power. senator kennedy said his earliest memory of his sister was as a young girl with great humor, sharp wit, and a boundless passion to make a difference. lindsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and eunice kennedy shriver in essence started special olympics when she hosted kids with disabilities for a summer camp in her potomac, maryland backyard. this is video from last month's maryland special olympics at towson university. her sotimothy, who was also the chairman of the special oly
arrested in iran. li the swiss diomplstdis d atpeepp to help since the u.s. doesn't itveelh wnsirh an. . they were accused of crossing the border from iraq. they were hikers and one of the missing hikers is identified as a man from pennsylvania. >>> it's a mystery for more than 18 years and finally, closier for a family. >> the pentagon identified the remains of a missing pilot. he was shot down and here's more. >> reporter: navy pilot was shot down in 1991 durg the first night of the gulf war. now, some 18 years later, marines have uncovered bones and skeletal fragments, enough to make an identification. >> i guess you could use the word bittersweet and certainly say, it's good there's closier because the family's been up and down all these years. >> reporter: the officials say that the information came last month according to the defense department, an iraqi citizen stepped up. he knew of a crash and says that the pilot was buried in the desert. he was married and had two young children. >> for the children to know and not have to continue to wonder is their father alive, that's the
at ruckston road. allow yourself extra time and use caution. the roads are pretty slick. that's a look at the morning travels. megan, back to you. >>> a state correction officer is fatally shot and this morning the search is on for her killer. erica car was shot several times. police found her in the seat of a ford explorer in the ken hill avenue. she was rushed to john hopkins hospital where she was pronounced dead. carr was shot in the arm, head and neck. >> reporter: officers were called to the area for shots fired. they did a canvas and this car was -- miss carr was found in a vehicle unresponsive in a ford explorer. >>> they have no reason for the shooting. >>> pastor st. george craw said that someone sprayed graffiti and tried to break into the overcomers tabernacle church. some think that the crime is linked to a funeral to be had today. the pastor thinks that someone responsible is trying to send a message. >> there would be certain people that are coming to the funeral, who they want to say, look, we don't only know where the funeral is being held, but we have come in and des
the damage that many of you are still cleaning up this morning. megan gillan joins us now with the late east. >> good morning megan. >> good morning patrice. seems everyone got wet yesterday but not everyone is dealing with this today. take a look at what folks in cecil county are waking up to this morning. the clean up started late laugh night after the storm ripped through this neighborhood still has down power lines and broken branchesz covering the streets there. trees were uprooted and thrown around leaving some homeless. this owner says the owner in this place is in their 70's and were forced to move into i a hotel for a while. major structural damage. the tree limbs went through the house. all the roof rafters and shingles, neferg there is wiped out. it will be condemned. >> all morning long we've been getting photos from you in the storm damage in your neighborhoods. take a look at some that scott elton took. see what the strong winds were able to do. we o got pictures in from john and ellen gillan. they captured pictures from the bay. severe weather and they have a lot to clean you.
to be the worst. >> time flies. it seems like just yesterday. >> chris strong is here and he will prepare us for the worst. we've been through agnes, floyd, katrina. do you think we've learned something? amy from the maryland zoo's here. she always brings in cute creatures. evan from the "baltimore" magazine breaking down what's the future of the baltimore sun. everybody who picks it up cannot believe how thin it is. so we'll find out what the future of the baltimore sun is. >>> we'll talk about the iron girl triathlon coming up on sunday and it's already sold out so forget it. >> it should be good weather. >> and we'll hookup shrimp. we want to say good morning to my man eric. wtmv radio on the fm dial. he's playing honey island swamp band music for us. >> whoa. >> he's a great guy. shaq is coming to town this afternoon. he'll have a press conference with michael phelps tomorrow. i talked to randy for the boys and girls club. they will raise money for them. way to go, shaq, coming to town. what's he going to find weather-wise? >> thunderstorms, what else? at least through tomorrow. you kno
. >> it is timeless. it will always stay the same and will always remind us of john kennedy. >> reporter: theternal flame flickers nonstop for more than 45 years now. >> it's awesome. it's emotional. there is so much tragedy and knowledge. it's sad. >> reporter: just down a hill, the more understated final resting place of senator robert kennedy. >> you can't be there without being emotional. >> reporter: now a source of knowledge of the family wishes tell us this is where senator ted kennedy will be, close to bobby's website. >> reporter: a assassinated president, a murdered presidential candidate and now the senator. >> he lived all of his life up there, and i'm just surprised they're going to bury him here. >> was he a veteran. >> reporter: he served in the mill dairy -- militaries in the 1950s. >> well if the rest of the family is there, i think that's okay. >> reporter: arlington national cemetery averages about 30 burials a day, monday thus friday. we're not sure what kind of sayre mony the family is planning, but a spokesperson tells us if a vet wishes to be buried here with full tahonors m
's had a very busy morning. howard is here to tell us if we will get heavier rain the rest of the day. >> i think we have seen the heaviest. south and east could get some but a light showery pattern and angie will blame me for the traffic issues. >> doing it all morning. >> but the afternoon will get better. teeserurat are urstruggling to bye onti ti you by especially, it, ay it is to lyto ike gufeau ke august. pae , eastthe pa east, 81 cle out harrisonburg, w neetma owtownlit to moderate gh ers t outhere. but meea t br, bras well. it is t noint nsracolyg intant the showers will couent into mi ni g adis weo thoughout rt ainly after the lunch ho thanat. r hogh. than that. howa o tcoks clar over to ney ol olney and rockville, a anfew showers to bwi. soheylrnarhe mr and ieavrain ie n reerowagn evto en rt north beach to plum point to hughsville and la plata. is is moving east northeast. on the weather computer. we will show you the on. e bapicture here. one bah tc showers from this morning raced up to new jersey and long island. s. wing with lingering er n. it vea momow fere hours a
police officers. we begin with prince george's county. a car crashed into a u.s. park police cruiser on southbound bw parkway near route 197 this morning. the officer was flown to shock trauma in baltimore. the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. a woman also had to be hospitalized. that accident backed up traffic on north and southbound lanes throughout the morning but both are now opened. >>> and four hours before that accident, a virginia state trooper was hurt while trying to pull over a suspected drunk driver. the trooper crashed into a jersey wall in the southbound lanes of route 110 near the pentagon. the officer's injuries are said to be minor. the suspect is still on the loose. >>> a shopping trip took a frightening turn for one fairfax county boil. the man on your screen is facing multiple charges accused of cornering the child inside a booth room. police say he followed the 9- year-old inside the dick's sporting goods and tried to hold the boy there against his will. the suspect is 47-year-old steven ligon. it turns out he's a registered sex offender. he to
. and hurricane bill sets its course near the u.s. >>> still missing. the tearful father of a georgia woman who disappeared on a walk on a rural road, pleads for news and his daughter's safe return. a "gma" exclusive. >>> oprah winfrey and dr. mehmet oz, suing companies, saying they falsely use their names to endorse health products. dr. oz speaks to us. >>> and look at this picture. a world champion female track star faces the question -- is he a world champion female track star faces the question -- is he is a woman or a man? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. diane sawyer, chris cuomo. robin roberts is off on this thursday, august 20th, 2009. and the dangerous weather will not step for the people in the midwest. tornadoes ripping through minnesota, wisconsin, iowa. in a moment, you're going to hear from a brave, young boy, in illinois, who was home alone in his basement, when the drnd blew away his house around him. >> the sounds outside of his home was louder than the music he was listening to. >>> and we're following hurricane bill. 800 miles south of bermuda. it
is here and putting together a nice breakfast for us. putting food in our tummies this morning. dr. ira is going to put us in the right shoe and ben shiffrin is there. how you doing? he'll put us in the right frame of mind because school starts next week. did you buy shoes yet? >> not yet for my daughter. it's the one thing i have yet to do. >>> age is all in the mind. dr. michael is back to make sure we're fit at 50 and beyond. dr. fioramonti will be here to answer your pet questions. i believe we have the three biggest fans of the jonas brothers. we had to put them out in the studio -- out of the studio because they were screaming. >> misbehaving already. >> you'll hear them. they will scream. and they will tell us all about it. it's a great fundraiser. >>> let's look at weather with susan schrack. good morning. >> good morning. it looks pretty good so far. we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds. the clouds are going to be with us most of the day. 77 now. relative humidity 85% and winds calm. taking a look at the feels-like temperature. temperature. it feels like 80s across the region.
? a weekend shooting has us all worried about gangs. lawmakers want tougher and longer sentences for criminals. the city's top prosecutor says she and her staff are doing all they can to fight gang violence. right now it's not a crime in our state to be a member of a gang. >> this year mrs. jessamy has already begun several meetings from the month of july with prosecutors throughout the state, with police, to, again go back to the legislature with a new package of bills that identify what we need to prosecute gang members. >> police believe the two victims in saturday's shooting in the light street pavilion were gang members. the police commissioner says officers patrolling the inner harbor are being told to identify and chase away gang members. >>> 22-year-old dallas smith is going to prison, will serve eight years for carrying a pipe bomb in his backpack near a biotechnology center in baltimore. smith was found guilty yesterday of having an explosive device, trying to take a gun away from a cop. in july of last year two university of maryland officers stopped smith after they say he was acti
to tell us know about the tropical storm danny. >>> yes, danny. as it moves up along the eastern shore -- not the eastern shore but near the eastern seaboard, north carolina it could be a hurricane, and tailing off to the north and east, but it could bring heavy rain for the weekend. >> oh, jeez. >> umbrellas. >> yes, absolutely. >> before we get there, tonight, the rides at the state fair, maybe some light showers and thunderstorms around. >> oh, no. >> spotty, so we hope not not to see that. before you get on those rides, you're maybe taking a bus to school. 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies, that is the way it is heading out this morning. 76 degrees downtown looking at the temperatures in the mid-60s throughout the area. sky watch radar indicating showers through pennsylvania for now. later in the day there could be a couple of isolated chances for showers and even a thunderstorm. we don't expect anything that strong. as we put things into motion in the future scan model, a better chance for showers for thunderstorms comes tomorrow as we get the influence of the thunderstorms, the fro
. meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell united state us hos and if it's going to last throughout the week. >> good morning, patrice. it's going to last through the day. although it will warm into the 70s this afternoon. it's a cool start and it will be a cool couple days before we see a warm up before the weekend. we will look forward to 80s then. today 75. at the bus stop, here is where we start. 63 degrees, there are locations to the north that are starting in the upper 50s. as patrice said it, a chilly start and you might want the light jacket. mostly cloudy skies. and we should some sunshine mixed in during the day. you will see the 50s up in pittsburgh and in general, 57 in harrisburg, and more 50s as you go further points toward buffalo. it's going to be a chilly start for everybody in the mid-atlantic and the northeast and you see showers to the south, staying to the south and high pressure staying to the north. it fights off the shower activity to the north. if you're in the north, expect showers, and then they will taper off by afternoon and we will look forward to clear or clear
liquors isn't as easy as it used to be. >> and they killed my boss, you know, and they're still out there running around. that's not justice. >> reporter: his boss, 57-year- old kang was shot. police are still looking for the suspects. >> it angers me. it frustrates me. it upsets is me. kang was like my second dad. >> reporter: kang's wife says it's a struggle every day to walk into the store. and knowing the kill canners are still out there despite surveillance video makes it even harder. amos is trying to up the reward money being offered. joseph represents the korean grocers and beverage association who recently put up $2,000, raising the total reward to four grand. >> we lost a good man. he was working hard for his family and his wife and son. >> reporter: the employees started this petition right after the robbery to get more cameras and security in this shopping plaza. so far, they have collected more than a thousand signatures. >> you needed something? he was there for you, no questions asked. >> reporter: chris harris quit his full-time job and came back to work at the liquo
that. >>> scotty, hello. >> good morning. >> he'll tell us to buy a hybrid electric car. or maybe not. we'll find out. >>> eric ginsberg is here. this is neat. stuff for college. you got the books and all the stuff but if you need a car to go to wal-mart you can rent a smart car and come back. things we don't think of. >> interesting. >> this is a great idea. minister brantley is here. he's going to tell us about the great american home raffle. there's a million-dollar home in phoenix, maryland, that will be put up for raffle today. if you win you can get this house and also help people who cannot pay their mortgages. >> it's great. >>> jay will be here. three tough questions on this "mortgage monday." that and more coming up until 10:00. >>> see, save, spend a little but we're also worried about what is going on in florida. >> absolutely. actually, the tropical storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression. so that's good news. it's not causing too much trouble. just a good deal of rain for folks along the coast. and moving into alabama now. outside things look good for us. much
in connection with phillip garrido who imprisoned a young girl for 18 years. they used shovels to big up his back yard and used cadaver dogs at the property next door. they wanted to investigate whether he was linked to a string of unsolved murders in the area. >> three texas boater his an amazing survival story to tell. they were found sitting on top of their capsized catamaran 180 miles from land. they called off the search, bipeople on another boat found them. they survived on chips, crackers and a few gallons of water. incredible. >>> at the box office, the horror flick "the final destination" took in over $28 million. inglorious bast arts was second and halloween ii was third. let's get a check on the weather. >> we will see what's going on and show you we have a couple of storm systems. in the atlantic and in the pacific. we will get to that, but as we check out what's going on along the coast, showers and thunderstorms along the carolina coast. out west things are high and dry and that's a problem for the firefighters and continues to drive the good news that the santa ana winds have
in our public life. and millions of americans, hundreds of us who were affected by his personal touch. >> he was the youngest of nine, and kennedy was at the helm of the famous family, staring them through rough waters of personal tragedy. tributes for the senator are now revealed. it is motorcade will take his body to the john f. kennedy library where he will lie in repose until friday. the funeral will take place in boston on saturday, where family and world leaders, including president obama, will honor the man and his legacy. he was remembered for his love of country, family, and to see his powerful voice tnow silenced will be one that echoes long after his death. two weeks ago, his sister, eunice kennedy shriver passed away. >> senator kennedy is remembered as one of the most influential senators of our time. president barack obama says the country has lost a great leader. >> in the united states senate, i can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members of both sides of the aisle. his extraordinary life on this earth has come to an end. an extraordina
passing day. he is a catergory ii hurricane now. >> but he is going to leave us alone, right? >> that remains to be seen. by the end of the week is when he would have an influence on the eastern seaboard, but there's a chance he may curl out to sea. you may be correct, but we may have to watch it closely. around here it's mainly the hot temperatures we are having to deal with. right now it's 76 degrees in baltimore and the surrounding areas also in the 70s. will you see showers trying to make their way into the west, a few of them have made their way into garrett county. 20% chance for later in the afternoon, especially. let's time it out here in the future scan model, you will see the shower chances increasing through the later part of the day. it looks like it's throughout the region indicated by all of that green, but it's going to be more of an isolated incident around 5 to 10:00 p.m. and closer to 10:00 p.m., and eastern shore maybe until 10:00 p.m. we're going to see repeated or some definite distinct chances throughout the area at different times through the day. they
builds in today. it brings us a pretty day. that will be the way for the remained main defer the day. wait 'til tomorrow. big changes on the way. the heat and humidity starts to clievment chance of thunderstorms comes your way and what you see now will be a different picture as thunderstorms move into the forecast then and temperatures by sunday and into monday climbing well into the mid 90's. more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now candice haze look at what's happening on the roadways with traffic edge. >> thank you steve. good morning. as you're traveling out on the main line, so far we're in the green and loving that for friday morning. starting on south 95 from mountain road heading to 69 5 , right now a ten minute commute. and good news on # five through the city. we just cleared out an accident on the southbound laindz lanes on o could be nel street. right noi now a five minute commute and approaching the downtown region on the southbound side of the jxf on 69 5 , so far a 15 minute right ride there. keep in mind though we still have dealing with the broken water mai
but not until tomorrow for us and that could trigger showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. but today, mostly sunny skies. a hot afternoon. high of 92 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast. right now let's go to lauren demarco in for julie wright. good morning. >>> we have a new accident 50 westbound at the airport and the h.o.v. lane is blocked so stay to the right to get past that. inbound new york avenue dealing with delays at bladensberg road. on the brakes inbound and then again at the 3rd street tunnel. no problems to report on the beltway. we do have a little bit of slow traffic on the op from college park toward silver spring and bethesda. here we are at the mixing bowl in springfield, 95 northbound looking good as you head in. h.o.v. lanes are moving well. and we do have some slow traffic northbound on 95 from stafford toward route 1. and after that it's a smoother trip toward 395 and the beltway. 395 moves across the 14th street bridge without a problem. that's a check of your tab tab. >> lauren, thank you very much. >>> and new this morning, a tishooting in prince george's cou
get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >>> good afternoon everyone. president obama once ben bernanke to stay on the job. the president interrupted his vacation to announce he was appointing him to a second term. he will still have to be confirmed. we begin this afternoon with project economy. >> backtracking on a promise of a new news vacation on martha's vineyard, president obama interrupted with the news that he wants ben bernanke to stay on as fed chairman. >> as an expert on the causes of the great depression, i am sure he never imagined he would park -- be part of a team responsible for preventing another. >> ben bernanke is widely credited with rescuing the country from the economic disaster that began the next year. >> that approach with the financial sys
will be hearing from senator mikulski shortly, but the junior u.s. senator also released a statement saying i served for two years on the judiciary committee and i consider him one of the most remarkable leaders of our generation. i have lost someone who does been a mentor and one of my heroes. sheila dixon led a moment of silence before today's board meeting. she later spoke about his impact on the people of baltimore. >> his contribution in making sure that the country is open to justice and equality, he was a voice in some cases alone to provide opportunities for many people. we benefited as a result of that. >>> there is much more on the legacy of ted kennedy on our web site. you can hear more reaction from around the world and view of his life in picture is to his life as the senator of massachusetts. there is also a look back at the legacy of the kennedy family. it is all on the homepage of >>> before we go -- are going to go to our project economy report? we are going to get barbara mikulski in now. we appreciate you joining us. your reaction on his passing. >> first of all
and only a stray thunderstorm expected. angie goff, give us the news. >> i will get started by saying it is not terrible news out there. we have some tieups to tell you about. we will begin with southbound on the bw parkway where it meets 198. crash activity is pushed to the right shoulder. drivers are back up too 175. a lot of volume past 32 on 95, as well. no incidents or accidents on the roadway. turning on the cameras and taking it outside under sunny skies, 270 southbound is free flowing from germantown road to montross but still a little below speed. we are estimating the drive time at 15 minutes. hello, virginia. 66 eastbound. here's your shot. we are delayed from the capital beltway -- actually approaching the capital beltway. but the congestion is breaking apart nicely on this interstate. 395 northbound not the same situation. we are crawling along here from the capital beltway to seminary. that's just volume. to wrap it up we take it to realtime graphics where at northeast dc at 24th and south dakota avenue is where we have crash activity confirmed and crews are on the scene
president bill clinton is once again on the world stage for u.s. supremacy. good afternoon. i am mindy basara. the husband of the nation's top diplomat is in north korea to negotiate the release of two jailed american journalists. the international standoff over the countries nuclear program. >> former president bill clinton is not only in north korea, but in direct meetings with the country's reclusive leader, kim jong il. even the north korean experts in south korea, the objective behind a surprise visit is no surprise. >> the fact that he is going there to north korea probably means that they have already made the arrangements for the release of the two reporters. >> the two reporters, laura ling and euna lee have been in custody since march. there were convicted last march on charges of spying. each was sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. although the white house calls it a private visit, the former president will reportedly bring up other issues that divide the two countries. >> it could be a very significant opening in breaking this downward cycle of tension and recrimination be
series. he's going to show us ho you to cook an egg. >> john almond's back there. we'll talk about tweeting and facebook. then we'll talk about john telling us about the outdoor amphitheater that you can set up this weekend. >> i was traying to find speakers all summer. now i knowy can't find them. he's got them. >> and omarosa, remember her from "the apprentice?" she's going to talk about a power summit. it will be good news. she will give us good lessons here today. >> action packed hour. >> let's get it going. >>> it's been a fantastic week in ocean city except for rain yesterday. they've added huge results from the great weather this morning they were down into the 60s, which is rather unusual at least during the mid-august. 70 degrees right now up the coast of rehoboth. we'll have the beach outlook coming your way in just a few minutes. great weekend to escape and tray to break some of that heat at the beach. 72 right now, a gorgeous start in downtown baltimore. a great day here. our two degree guarantee gets us up to 85 degrees. a fantastic day and a steam bath coming our wa
the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if he had been texting or using his cell phone. but they found no evidence of any of those things. they also added it is possible the sun played a role but they have no concrete evidence to believe that was a factor either. >> there's no conclusions as to. that the operator says he didn't see them. we don't have any evidence that suggests otherwise. >>reporter: with the attorney representing both families just a while ago he says while the families are satisfied with the investigation, they are not happy with the mta and coming up later tonight we tell uc they are already talking about filing a lawsuit. leave in lutherville, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> 2 overnight shootings leave 5 people injured tonight. the first occurred in the 200 block of dallas court before 11:30 last night. police arrived on the scene to find 2 men shot one in the face. the other in the foot. both are expected to be okay. >>> 3 people were shot about an hour later in the 3700 block of glen moore avenue in northeast baltimore. police say one victim shot in the back. o
steve fertig and see how our day will be shaping for us this wednesday morning and how the weather will fair. it's wednesday already. >>> for some people it's back to school. pg county, as well as carroll county, they're into school. you know what i have a. >> what? >> a bus stop forecast. see if that wasn't enthusistic. and it shouldn't be. i know you want more summer. 74 degrees for current temperature. heading to the bus stop will be a comfortable ride into school with mainly clear skies out there. southwest winds at 5 miles per hour. it could be worse, you could be going to school at buffalo in which case you it would be 65 degrees, actually that is not so bad, either, but still cooler. dry conditions looking pretty good today. you are watching a chance of showers, maybe even thunderstorms moving in for later tomorrow, but just an isolated chance, the better chance comes friday, saturday, and sunday when you know it for the weekend. we talk about possibly danny moving up the coast as well. we will get you the fair day forecast if you're headed there tomorrow. right now candace
's the improper use of a police boat and helicopter that were part of the proposal. abc 2 news terry owens explains. >> reporter: marybeth, this is a story that everybody is talking about. as we first reported last night at 11, it all happened on the inner harbor and involves state delegate john cardin, the nephew of u.s. senator ben cardin. he says he wanted to make his fiancee's night perfect. his plan to propose to her on a boat august 7th. but that proposal apparently involved having a baltimore city police department helicopter hover overhead as city marine police pretended to search the boat. no one is saying how that was arranged, but police commissioner fred bealefeld has ordered an investigation. he wants to know if this was more than just a case of bad judgment. >> i don't know, though, that this is much beyond the scope of a couple officers who used poor judgment. and i'm going to reserve much more comment until i know more of the fax. >> reporter: the commissioner also wants to know why he is only hearing about it now. even though state employees have been talking about it for
that died bifrom an attack by his own pit bulls. >>> thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, it is august 11th, 2009. glad to have you with us. angie will have the traffic in just a moment. kim martucci is back. welcome kim weather person. >> mrs, i got that done. great to be back but boy i got married in the weather in the 70s most of the time. and now we're back. i am happy to tell you we will y. be t breaking cordres datodo we did yat ayat s grdeee cumberland 73 and it is already 84 e thnosatellite and dar loop shows clouds are building toward cumberland where it is cooler in the low 70s. you folks will see widely scattered showers out here first. the storms have to come over the mountains and sometimes they tend to dry out as they hit the shenandoah valley. i still think you have a shot of getting wet later this afternoon and certainly along the 95 corridor for the drive home. i'm targeting the storms here. probably by 3:00. so between now and then try to get those arounds done in outside. temperatures 90 to 95. tonight we will have showers and thunderstorms. probably diminis
hall road and miller road. as a result you will want to use 95 instead. it's getting busy but so far in significant issues to talk about. on the southbound lanes from mountain road heading toward 695, right now we're only looking at an 11 minute clip. 95 through the city at the fort mchenry tunnel. we are in excellent shape. if you're going to approach the downtown region from 695 it's going to take 15 minutes. we have the broken watermain that completely shuts down saratoga street between green street, and martin luther boulevard. that's a look at the morning commute. back to you. >>> baltimore raven tony fein says he is innocent. the rookie linebacker was arrested sunday for assaulting a police officer after someone thought they saw him pass a handgun at a restaurant at the inner harbor. now some say he was racially profiled. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, fein's attorney says that his client was targeted by police because he is black and because of the hoody was wearing now fein speaks out for himself. the large
in the shoulder. it happened last night in cherry hill. john sherman joins us live from city police headquarters with more on the story. >> police insist this was a random, accidental shooting. the police commissioner has known the victim for years. >> it is absolutely ridiculous that people are still suffering this way. >> this is cherry hill community leader shirley folks'home, and this is the bullet hole. last night, a random shot passed through here and into her shoulder. >> incredibly unfortunate and horrible that miss shirley is sitting in her house and she gets hit by stray bullet. >> he came to know mrs. shirley during his time leading the southern district. >> here is a lady who has dedicated a big chunk of her adult life to making the neighborhood say for -- safer. we are going to get on top of this and hold those responsible and accountable. >> as to speculation she may have been targeted for past support of the police, the commissioner says there is simply no evidence. >> she is a great partner to of us. people need to be clear. this is not a case where she got hit because she had a
: they say they have given up lot already, and if the state were to use layoffs to help close a budget hole, it would hurt a lot of families. >> no layoffs, no furloughs, no cuts in benefits. no cuts period, because right now is the time when state employees are needed more than ever when there is a demand for services is not a good time to cut. >> reporter: while the unions continue to wrestle with the governor to try to preserve jobs, the state has to fill a huge hole in the budget. hundreds of millions of dollars have to be cut by labor day, and the only thing that hasn't been cut so far has been jobs. the governor's staff now says state agencies have to take a close look at low-priority programs and pull in resources, including personnel. >> we've asked agencies to look at operating businesses in their operations a little bit differently. we said every agency doesn't need a pio officer, every agency doesn't need a governmental person. maybe you can share the resources. >> reporter: but lawmakers say they want to make sure that the state is looking at all options here, and not just jobs
sad eek will join us. >>> and huge match for d.c. united over the weekend, getting ready to take on one of the best teams in the world and we'll get the scoop for this game on sunday. >>> and their epic battle comes to an end. dave versus dave wraps up today as they fight it out to see who can be the best kick returner. >> they both start with one. we'll check o with them. but first we should check in on the forecast for those heading out there. this is the last day for training camp and will they see nice weather. >>> >>> they'll see plenty of sunshine. good morning, everybody. the current reasons reported here in the washington area, a comfortable 65 degrees. very nice out. relative humidity is 73%. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest making it feel a ttle bit chilly. 5 mile-per-hour winds outf o rtthe hwhwt. ba .0ad30t 8.te 30.08. here is lokothokt ae urite t radaeg for orur . rion. there are clouds out to the west. iot a lot though. even if they pass through the ev ll be a period where you'll have some clouds but for the most part we'll see a lot of sunshine toda
the irvine nature center to tell us all about native plants. >> i'm on the planning committee fortunative plant seminar. we have a wonderful plant sale coming up saturday. we're having two speakers in the morning and four workshops in the afternoon. a plant sale from 7:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. >> and this has been going on a long time. >> this is the 18th annual native plant seminar. we have been doing this for quite a long time and really enjoy doing it and have had wonderful speakers over the years. >> it is a learning experience and an opportunity to do this in your back yard. >> a great source of native plants for one day, and it's a feeding frenzy if you are interested in native plants. >> next to carrie is a shrub that does well in this time of year. now is the time of year, shrubs, it is the time to put them in. >> it is a good time to put them in. this is an arrowwood viburnam. it is native to this part of the area. it has blooms in the spring that are good for pollinators and they are good for birds. >> it tolerates the summer heat? >> yes. >> that will work
>>> good morning. thursday. friday almost here. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. week going by in a hurry. what do you have coming up? >> we've been talking about your kids, talking about going back to school one thing, going back to school for some kids, it's exciting, you prepare, what are you going to wear, eat, school supplies. for other kids, whether it's a new school or the same old school there's a lot of anxiety that comes with it. we're going to get down to where that comes from and how you can take care of it. what parents need to do to help their kids. >>> hopefully somebody won't bother your kid at school this year. what makes a bully tick? how do you stop it from getting out of hand? we'll explain. it's not only in person but on-line now. a lot of bullying going on on-line. >> television changed since mr. rogers. we're talking about that. texting. computers. >> don't you hate that? what are you doing? oh, texting. unplug your kids for a moment. don't you hate it when they whip it out at the dinner table or family function and they a
the service will be held. they have done a security check all morning long. what can you tell us about what is going on there this morning? >> good morning. families and members of congress are meeting here at the library. we want to show you a live picture of the widow of ted kennedy. she is reading some of the delegates today from the house and the senate. they will make their way out to the church in a short time. the boisterous senator from massachusetts and the youngest of nine in the kennedy family, suddenly had a special connection to this place where he came when his daughter was getting treated for cancer and then returned when he was diagnosed with cancer. now, once again, he returns. to more senator ted kennedy's upset and celebrate his life. a high mass at this boston church. president barack obama will deliver the eulogy. on the eve of the funeral, colleagues and family gathered for a private memorial at the jfk library. an emotional night and those who knew him best. a lifelong friend. >> [unintelligible] be at peace my friend. >> to colleagues on both sides of the aisle. >> i
at the rockies restaurant at the inner harbor. megan gilliland joins us with the very latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. tony fein was having dinner when security thought he was passing a gun to his friends under the table. they thought it was a handgun, but it turns out it was a cell phone. inside the inner harbor johnny rockets, sunday evening, security officials spotted what they thought was a gun being passed around one of the dinner tables. they called police for backup. they asked the subjects to stand up, one of the subjects resisted police and became belligerent. the sergeant approached him and asked him to stand up again. he resisted stood up and pushed the officer on the chest. the officer fell down. >> reporter: injuring his elbow. the man has been identified as anthony fein. once he was apprehended, police were able to determine that what security thought was a gun was just a cell phone. >> they had to do what they had to do call police for backup. >> everybody is watching everything right now. >> reporter: ravens fans just learning of the news, say t
. joining us now the director of the north korea studies. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. >> the release now of the two american journalists, what message should we derive from this? >> i think we should see this mission for what it was, a narrowly defined mission to bring the two journalists back. despite the 3 hour conversation with kim jong-il, and i'm sure much was discussed, but in terms of perhaps carrots or promised to be made if north korea came back tothe discussion table, i think that remains to be seen. but we'll know that in the next few days. >> looking at the pictures sitting around that negotiating table. one does have to wonder what possibly -- what could the talks have centered around and you say this should become public knowledge but yet we didn't really know that president clinton was even headed to the area. do you think that we will ever find out what happened out of those talks? >> i believe so. because the press reports now show that quite a bit of a number of people have been involved in the discussion with the north koreans, th
accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the attorney for lamont davis, says the video you're about to see, proves that his client is innocent. it proves that his client is not the one who shot a 5-year-old girl. lamont davis faces first degree newer defirst-degreefirst degre. but davis who had been arrested 15 times before says he is innocent and his attorney says he has the evidence to prove it. the department of juvenile service, says quote, we placed him on gps, the highest sanction the department has and we were monitoring him in realtime. attorney lynwood says it is that gps system that will help him prove his case. this video shows a man walk along pulaski street and opening fire. you see the crowd of people hovering a young child, but the video shows a shooter who is not wearing one of these gps units. one part is worn and the other monitors movement. the defense says that this shooter is only wearing socks. the shooting happened on july second, but it wasn't until july 16th that
. word of a $29,000 ben us for the baltimore city schools chief is drawing fire from parents, teachers an union leaders. but tonight the chairman of the school board is defending the bonus. he says the money is for dr. alonso's imprufrments if the school system that occurred under his leadership. >>> it's no bail for the two taej charged in the racially motivated beating of a 76-year-old man. emanuel miller and zachary watson were arrested yesterday. 28-year-old calvin lockner is being held without bail. mr. privott was see veerl beaten while fishing with his wife. the taens face charges including first degree murder. >>> the man who escaped from a howard county sheriff's deputy is back in custody tonight. u.s. marshals found 20-year-old devon champagne of jessup last night hiding inside a wall in a home near richmond virginia. the sheriff's office said champagne had just been convicted of felony theft last week whether he attacked the deputy who was driving him to the detention center. champagne used his handcuffs to choke and hit the deputy and tried to take his gun before climbing o
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